Road Back Begins With Foreclosure Prevention

Molly and family

Each house Molly and her husband visited told its own story; too costly, unsafe neighborhood, run-down, no park nearby. “Then we found this absolute gem of a place in South Minneapolis,” exclaimed Molly. The couple closed on the property in December 2005.

Unfortunately within a few months of the purchase Molly and her husband divorced, leaving her with full responsibility for the mortgage. It didn’t take long for the luster of homeownership to wear off.

Then in 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the first time in Molly’s life she had to lean on others for support. Recovering from a double-mastectomy, she moved back to her parents’ home and was out of work for months.

Even as she coped with these unfortunate conditions, Molly reached out to her mortgage company to be sure they were aware of her situation. Despite these attempts her calls were seldom returned.

With her options limited, a delinquency letter from the mortgage company proved to be pivotal. The letter described Twin Cities Habitat’s Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (MFPP), which offers free counseling to those in need. Molly made the call immediately and a counselor was assigned to her.

“The counselors were able to talk with people at [the mortgage company] that I couldn’t get through to, and they were able to get answers I never could,” said Molly. “Having someone to advocate on my behalf with the mortgage company and to navigate me through the process is what made all the difference. It’s what kept me in my home.”

Contributed by Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.