Homebuyer Questions

How do I get started?

If you're just starting to think about buying a home, your first step is to meet with a homeownership counselor or attend a Home Stretch class, offered through the Home Ownership Center. A homebuyer counselor can help guide you through the process of buying a home and help you decide whether you are ready to buy. For information about homebuyer education and counseling, click here.  

Is now a good time to buy?

It depends on your unique situation and circumstances. With low home prices and interest rates, now may be a good time to buy. A homebuyer counselor can help you determine whether you're ready to buy, how much you can afford and whether there are any special incentives or financing for which you qualify. If you're not yet ready to buy, a homebuyer counselor can help you prepare to buy in the future by helping you to create a budget or rebuild your credit. For information about homebuyer education and counseling, click here.

What are the income limits?

Income limits vary from program to program and from home to home and are included with each home listing and program description on Generally, income limits are determined by household size and are based on the Area Median Income (AMI) for the Twin Cities Metro Area.

What is AMI?

AMI is the average income of all people in the Twin Cities. This is based on the number of people in each household, so a larger family can have more income and still have an AMI that is a lower percentage of the 100% average. The 100% number shown here is the AMI for each household size.

Household size50% AMI60% AMI80% AMI100% AMI120% AMI
1 person29,35035,22044,8005870070,500
2 person33,55040,26051,20067,10080,550
3 person37,75045,30057,60075,50090,600
4 person41,95050,34064,00083,900100,700
5 person45,30054,36069,10090,600108,750
6 person48,650583807425097300116,800
7 person52,00062,40079,350104,000124,850
8 person55,35066,42084,500110,700132,900

How do I save listings I'm interested in on the website?

Click the purple Free Sign Up arrow at the top of the page. We never share our list with anyone else. If you want, we can also send you email alerts if one of your listings changes, or if new homes with the same options are added to the site. Sign up here

Who should I contact for more information?

Each listing or homeownership program includes contact information for that particular home or program. Please contact these organizations directly if you have any questions.