Habitat Program Assists Hard-Working Senior

Harriet at home

Harriett Mednick could serve as spokeswoman for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s program A Brush with Kindness. Through her work with Senior Chore Services, she has referred several senior citizens to the program, which partners applicants who do not have the means to complete repairs on their homes with capable volunteers. A few months ago, Mednick realized her own property in Saint Paul could use some work, and contacted A Brush with Kindness for herself.

It’s important to Mednick that her home is in good repair. When she noticed the peeling paint on the house and garage, as well as the sinking garage roof, she knew something had to be done. Her house serves not only as a place to live, but also as her office. Whether typing up a Senior Chore Services newsletter, working with community improvement committees, or starting up her own mortgage reversal business, this active senior citizen is always hard at work. Because Mednick has devoted herself to improving the lives of others, which is not the most lucrative of pass-times, she lives on a tight budget. Without help from A Brush With Kindness, Mednick would’ve been forced to put off the repairs her home needed so badly for an indefinite amount of time.

Contributed by Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.