Something of Great Value

Jackline with her child on the steps of her home

“Before I bought this house,” laughed Jackline Mukiibi, sitting on the couch in her new home in Minneapolis’ Folwell neighborhood, “the most expensive thing I’d ever bought without student loans was my laptop computer. It feels like I own something of great value.”

It wasn’t exactly a purchase that Jackline —a young mom who’s close to finishing her B.A. in ethnic studies—had expected or even hoped to make, but serendipity, initiative, low cost, and supportive service conspired to make it happen. Jackline’s family came to Minneapolis from Uganda when she was two years old. She grew up in a single-parent family, and home ownership, she said, “wasn’t really ever in my plan.”

Owning a home was even farther from her mind as recently as a few years ago. She needed more space for three-year old daughter Ava and more privacy (rooms in her apartment had no doors). She heard about the City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT) by chance. Another mom at the playground, a CLCLT homeowner, told her about the program and invited her to the CLCLT picnic that afternoon. “That impressed me right away,” said Jackline. “I thought, ‘Oh...they have picnics. They’re thinking about kids and community.’” And it soon became clear that buying a house through the CLCLT was an affordable option. “My monthly payment went up less than $25,” she said.

“Now that I own this house,” Jackline said reflectively, “I can potentially do anything I want in life.”

Contributed by City of Lakes Community Land Trust.