Help for Planting Roots

Laura and her family on their porch

Discovering the City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT) Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP) made ownership reachable for first-time homebuyer Laura Martinez and her children, David and Rebecca. She found a home in the Fulton neighborhood, where prices are traditionally very high.

The affordability was built by $60,000 grant through the CLCLT, plus $25,000 in rehab funding and $50,000 from the Fulton neighborhood. “The great thing about Fulton,” Council Member Betsy Hodges said of the neighborhood’s decision to offer the affordability funding, “is that for them it was a natural way to enhance the neighborhood.”

These partners’ contributions to making this home affordable meant that Laura’s family could stay in Minneapolis, near her two older daughters and five grandchildren. “It’s the first time in our lives that all of my children are in one location. One of us has always been half a country away.” Laura, in addition to working full time, started taking classes in the spring at St. Katherine’s, aiming to finish the B.A. she began 30 years ago. Regardless of where that takes her career, she said, “Now I know where I’ll be.”

Contributed by City of Lakes Community Land Trust.