City of St. Paul Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program

Geographic Service Area: 
St. Paul
Program Details: 
HUD certified counseling agency

The Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention (MFP) Program counsels homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes. Our objective is to assist homeowners to avoid foreclosure, stay in their homes and remain part of their communities. We work with the homeowners to assess their immediate needs and look at options to prevent foreclosure. The program offers homeowners the following services:

  • Education about the foreclosure process, legal timelines and how to contact and negotiate with the lender
  • Asssessment of the homeowners overall situation and assistance in evaluating possible foreclosure solutions
  • Referral to community resources including financial counseling

For more information
Contact the City of St. Paul's Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program, 651-266-6626.