NeigborWorks Home Partners Foreclosure Prevention

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St. Paul
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Available in English and Hmong

NeighborWorks Home Partners offers free Foreclosure Counseling in English, Spanish and Hmong for homeowners who are already behind on their mortgage payments as well as those who are having trouble making ends meet but have not actually missed any mortgage payments yet. Either way, the sooner you seek help, the more options you will have available!

Housing counselors can explain and answer questions about the foreclosure process, explain your rights, and give you personalized information based on your family's situation and needs.

Unlike many other people you will encounter in the housing profession, housing counselors have no financial interest in what happens with your house. This ensures that you will receive unbiased information. Foreclosure counseling often involves getting into issues that go beyond mortgages, and housing counselors can also refer you to other services as needed. There is no guarantee that a housing counselor will be able to prevent a foreclosure, but they can give you information and help you assess your situation to figure out the best long-term solution for you and your family.