Geographic Service Area: 
St. Paul, targeted areas
Program Details: 
Available on specific homes rehabbed through MCASA
Contract for Deed or Lease to Purchase Program
Must be a first time home buyer

MCASA, LLC is a partnership between Model Cities and Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation. The mission of MCASA is to create affordable home ownership opportunities for low income families. MCASA Homes develops new-construction and rehabilitation home-ownership opportunities that target families with annual household incomes at or below 80% of the Area Median Income.

MCASA Homes markets to families who have had previous difficulty qualifying for conventional mortgage financing, primarily due to debt-related issues and/or low credit scores. Consequently, these families require support services (e.g., home ownership training, housing counseling and debt counseling) in order to stabilize their finances and prepare them for home ownership.

MCASA, LLC works with home ownership counselors to provide guidance and assistance to MCASA Homes participants in moving towards homeownership. In addition, a consultant provides case management services on a regular basis to participants. Participants are provided information in areas such as understanding the home-buying process and mortgage financing, financial literacy; debt reduction and management; and predatory lending and foreclosure prevention. These topics are covered in monthly group sessions or by home ownership counselors working one-on-one with purchasers.

MCASA Homes are sold on either a contract-for-deed or a lease-to-purchase basis, depending on the needs of the purchaser. A contract-for-deed is a legal agreement between MCASA and the buyer that outlines the requirements the buyer must fulfill in order to purchase the house. This allows the purchaser to move into the home, enjoy all the benefits of homeownership, and allows time for them to clear up any debt or credit issues in order to secure their own mortgage. Once the buyer completes those requirements, they receive the deed to the house and enjoy full ownership of the property.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • First time home buyer
  • Has completed or agrees to complete the Home Stretch and Credit Smart classes.
  • Has been employed continuously for at least 18 months.
  • Willing to enter into a contract-for-deed and is able to purchase the title from MCASA, LLC within 6 to 24 months.
  • Is actively resolving any debt and poor credit.
  • Is committed to working with a homeownership counselor.
  • Has a family size of two to six individuals

For more information
Contact Model Cities or call 654-632-8345.