Neighborhood Housing Services of Minneapolis Homebuyer Education

Geographic Service Area: 
Twin Cities Metro
Program Details: 
Pre- and post-purchase training and counseling

Neighborhood Housing Services of Minneaplis (NHS) provides pre and post-purchase training as well as pre- and post-purchase one-on-one counseling and anti-predatory lending counseling.

Our goal is to:

  • employ pre and post-purchase training and counseling programs to produce sustainable and affordable home ownership, producing positive, measurable impact on neighborhoods within the target areas, with emphasis given to low and moderate income individuals and families, ethnic minorities, new Americans and other underserved populations;
  • promote fair and affordable financing alternatives that strengthen long-term successful and sustainable homeownership among vulnerable homebuyers.

The pre-purchase training covers homeowner readiness, the buying process and money management while the post-purchase training focuses on financial responsibilities as well as basic home maintenance. For this purpose NHS developed a hands-on lab where learners can experiment and physically touch and work with basic tools and materials. Predatory lending awareness is covered in both pre and post-training sessions.

The pre-purchase training is often required for first homeowners who participate in the NHS programs and the critical community lending programs offered by traditional lender partners. The post-purchase training was created with the idea that home maintenance and repair can be costly and often prevents homeowners from making timely mortgage payments. Being able to distinguish between urgent and not-so-urgent repairs can make a big difference. Being able to do minor repairs themselves can save a lot of money for families living on a modest income.

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