PPL Home Repair Loan Program

Geographic Service Area: 
Minneapolis & St. Paul
Program Details: 
Loans of up to $27,000
Must first be used to address lead and/or radon hazards in the home
Funds can be spent to fix other health or safety issues with the house after that.
Luxury repairs, demolition, or new construction are not covered by the loan.
Repairs must be completed within 9 months after the commitment of the loan.
How can I use the loan?
PPL’s Home Repair Loan Program is a state-funded way for low-income homeowners to stay in their homes
and live safely in them. Loans of up to $27,000 are awarded for needed home repairs without interest
charges, and are forgivable under certain conditions.
Do I qualify?
Loan recipients:
• Own a home in Minneapolis or St. Paul.
• Make 30% or less of the household area median income, $24,700 for a family of four.
• Have less than $25,000 in additional assets [besides the home and primary vehicle(s)].
• Are applying for/or received a grant from Community Action Partnership’s Weatherization Program.
What will it cost?
• Loans are made at a 0% rate, meaning there are no additional charges or monthly payments.
• Loans are forgiven after 15 years if you remain in the home.
• The loan will be repaid from the sale of the home if sold before the 15 year term.
How do I apply?
Call 612.455.5221 to receive an initial application.
Call 612.455.5221 to get