What Are the Top 6 Employers Located in Alpharetta, Georgia?

Alpharetta, Georgia, is home to many major corporations, including several Fortune 500 companies. Alpharetta is a very tech-friendly area, with miles of fiber optics and world-class internet speeds that lure premium companies to the region. These corporations employ people from within the city and several surrounding areas.

To keep this list accurate, we are cataloging the companies that employ the largest number of Alpharetta citizens, excluding surrounding towns. As you will see, the numbers are quite impressive. If you take all of the employers in the area and account for all of the employees from neighboring towns, you would quickly realize how important this city is to the economy of Georgia and the United States.

McKesson Technology Solutions

McKesson Technology Solutions is a computer system design company that specializes in technology for healthcare systems. They work with healthcare professionals worldwide to create better systems that lower costs and ultimately result in increased knowledge and better healthcare. They employ 2450 employees from the city of Alpharetta.

AT&T, Incorporated – Data Center

This major telephone communication, television, and internet data giant have a large data center in Alpharetta with state of the art equipment. They employ 2200 Alpharetta residents, making them the second-largest employer in the area.

ADP, LLC National Account Service

ADP is internationally known for its payroll services software. Millions of people are paid through ADP; however, they employ 2100 Alpharetta citizens.

Fiserv Incorporated

This company is an international industry leader in financial services technology solutions. They have a fantastic reputation as an industry giant and as a top of the line employer. They are the recipient of dozens of awards worldwide, including “World’s Most Admired Companies®” 2014-2017, which is presented by FORTUNE®. Fiserv employs more than 2000 people in Alpharetta.


This major radiotelephone communications corporation offers state of the art facilities for its employees in Alpharetta. They include a fitness center, VIP room, pool tables, foosball table, cafeteria, and arcade games. It is not surprising that 2000 people from the area work at this company.

Hewlett-Packard Mega Consolidated Data Center

This 200,000 square-foot data center was constructed in 2006. This high-tech facility can be managed remotely by the H.P. infrastructure solutions. The buildings were built to be eco-friendly with advanced air conditioning to allow cooling of the computer equipment for a lower cost than ever before possible. H.P. Data Center employs 1300 area residents.

There are a combined additional 3200 people employed by:

  • UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  • Comcast Cable Communications Incorporated Call Center
  • Equifax Incorporated

Alpharetta is a very nice place to live and a lovely city to work in, and major companies are investing their futures in the city. Alpharetta, GA, puts into creating great neighborhoods, schools, and ground-breaking advancements in technology are paying off with the presence of big-name companies that have established themselves in the city. The future looks bright for all those involved, and if you ever need help from a local Alpharetta law firm, please reach out.

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