Georgia Trend Daily – Feb. 9, 2023

    Well-positioned: Economist says Georgia’s economy is strong, despite some national setbacks Meet the 2023 Georgia Trustees Marty Flanagan to retire as Invesco CEO, prompting leadership shakeup Local, state economy expected to weather 2023 recession well Swiss Firm Medmix to Invest at Least $20M in Hall County, Hire 200 Sandy Springs approves $50.7 million for police headquarters construction Camden County spaceport dream scuttled by Georgia Supreme Court ruling Mullis appointed to Stone Mountain board; former state senator authored monuments protection law Legislative push to regulate food delivery apps growing; food delivery devotees push back Proposed Georgia legislation would bar TikTok from state-owned devices Senate bill bars blocking access to government services…


    Particular policymakers like blanket forgiveness, with the beauty of ease

    Student loan forgiveness stays a definite possibility, but intends to forgive $10,one hundred thousand (or $fifty,000) of every person’s debt is neither really focused nor a solution to own future beginner individuals Even though the loan quantity become graduate figuratively speaking, of many children might not have completed-otherwise going-their scholar studies by the amount of time these studies have been obtained, so this type of quantity may not echo complete loans for everyone people